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Sooyoung: Why is Yoona so pretty? I wonder what does she think when she sees herself in the mirror. She’s so cute. I want to try living for a day with her kind of face because she’s pretty. She’s very pretty.

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- If ever you are to become another member, who would it be?

If it’s only one person, I won’t be able to choose. Taeyeon-unnie’s vocal(laughs), Sooyoung-unnie’s pretty legs,(laughs), Hyoyeon-unnie’s dance(skills), I want to try and obtain that imagery. If I get to be reborn and to be a soshi member, I want to be reborn with all of those in me (laughs).

- Nice logic. Incidentally, Sooyoung wants to be Yoona.

Really? Why?

- Because you are really cute.

What is that~ (laughs)

- She said she wanted to have a face like Yoona’s.


- Even from a girl(perspective), you are really cute. She said she wants to be Yoona even for a day.


- She wonders whenever Yoona is looking at a mirror, what is she thinking of.

It’s same for me. When Sooyoung-unnie looks at her own legs what is she thinking of? Like, during photoshoots. When she sees her own legs, what does she think of it. When you are waking with those legs, what would you be thinking of, i’ve been wondering.

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Anyway, I was reading the tags (yes I do read tags. just a habit) of those that reblogged the previous SooNa gifs set (not the pompom one) and I saw one wishing for high quality gifs set of SooNa moments. Sorry about not being able to do that because I don’t know how to overcome Tumblr stupid size limit… But I do have higher quality gifs uploaded on Minus.

Each link will link to a folder of 300 gifs, not just SooNa but SNSD. But of course, it’s mostly SooNa: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 (incomplete at the moment)

Sooyoung’s speciality: Bothering her wifey whenever she gets a chance to



Deerie-chan couldn’t comprehend what Kkuma-chan is trying to do

Someone is claiming her stake on that deer

Title: With You
Pairing(s): SooNa
Rating: General?
Requested by: colleenorcullo​

Much random.

The girl stood in front of the huge desk, her head lowered and hands clasped together in front of herself, as she waits for the response from her superior. The woman sitting behind the desk flipped through the file, before smiling.

“Well done. As expected of you, Yoona.” The woman signed the last page without hesitation, showing her approval for the proposal. “Now, putting work aside, what is it that you want to tell me?”

“Mu- I mean, CEO… I wish to take a vacation for a week. Please approve of it.” The doe-eye girl bowed politely.

“For your useless hobby again?” The woman sighed.

“I-It’s not useless! It’s my passion, mum… I… I abandoned it because of you but can’t I just… just have a little time each season to enjoy my passion a little? It’s only a week off three months…” The doe-eye girl protested, her voice getting softer as she speaks on.

“… Araso. I approve of your vacation. Just don’t let me catch you letting it affect your work here.”

“T-Thank you…!” Yoona beamed, bowing a few times as she collects the file from the desk and went out of the office room happily. She heads back to her own office, hands the approved proposal to her secretary and packed up her stuff. “I’m going for a one-week vacation. Please take care of the company for me.”

“Understood.” Her secretary bowed politely.

Being the only daughter of the CEO of a well-known fashion company, Yoona finds herself having to give up what she truly likes to work in the company, to succeed her mother in future. She has no complaints about this, as long as her mother doesn’t restrict her way too much when she’s trying to pursue her own passion sometimes. She made it a point to take one week off every time the season changes, for the different feelings and atmosphere, and her mother usually approved of her vacation despite the fact that she doesn’t exactly like to have her most trusted and reliable worker away from the company for one week.


With her backpack on her back, and a professional DSLR camera hanging from her neck, the doe-eye girl alights from the plane with a joyous mood. It has being a while since she last came to Jeju and she’s feeling rather excited about it.

Jeju is pretty well known for having beautiful sceneries and she’s determined to capture them all with her camera.

It’s her passion, to take photographs. She had been taking a lot of pictures since young but due to the fact that she’s the only child, she has to give up on her ambition to become a professional photographer and work hard to succeed her mother’s company.

She checks in to her hotel room and walks out to the balcony, to be amazed by the scenery she gets just from there. The whole trip is going to be amazing for her. Not wasting anymore of her precious time, she took out her lens cap and started snapping away.

She unpacks her necessities, leaving her equipment in her bag, and went out with her bag. The whole trip is awesome. She spent 90% of the time she’s there out of her hotel room, going around the island and snapping photographs of whatever she fancies. It’s true when they say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. Before she knew it, it’s already the last night of her vacation.

She stood at the balcony with her camera in hands, feeling rather sad to have to leave tomorrow morning. She felt that she has more to do but she just didn’t have the time.

At that moment, her neighbor’s room lights up and the sliding door opens up. A girl came out from the room and stood at the balcony on her own quietly.

Yoona stares at her for a moment, noting how beautiful the girl is, especially under the soft moonlight. Instinctively, she raises her hands and her finger presses down on the shutter button. The click probably alerted the girl and she turns around to see someone pointing the camera at her.

“A-Ah…! I-I’m sorry… I-” Yoona puts down her camera quickly, hoping that the girl is kind enough to not scold her for the photo she took without permission.

“… It’s okay.” The girl smiled at her and went back inside the room. Yoona swears that is the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. She really wish to take more photos of the girl but sadly, she couldn’t.

She tried waiting at the balcony the next morning but until the time she had to leave, the girl didn’t appear. It doesn’t seem like the girl went down to the dining hall for breakfast too. Having a slight sense of regret, Yoona left the island.

The day after next, Yoona starts to prepare for work once again. She had a nice rest yesterday after her trip and she felt that she can tackle any job given to her now. Her eyes fell on the photo frame on her desk and she sighed, picking it up.

“I wonder where can I find her…” Yoona murmured to herself. She printed out the photos from her trip and her focus went straight to the one she took at her balcony on the last night. That girl at the balcony. She still couldn’t forget how beautiful the girl’s smile is and she really wanted to look for the girl. “… Maybe I can get someone to look for her…”

And so she brought the photo to her office and asked her secretary to help hire a private eye. Sadly for her, she wasn’t able to find the girl after one month and she literally gave up on it. He doesn’t even know why is she so desperate about finding that girl but she just want to see her again.

“Yoona. Yoona, are you listening?” The woman bangs on the desk slightly to snap the girl back to her senses.

“A-Ah yes…! I’m sorry.” Yoona apologized quickly.

“… It’s okay. I will repeat myself one more time. Today, I have a schedule at 8 PM but there’s a client that we have to meet at that time. As my successor, take my place and meet the client for me. I expect good results from you, alright?”

“Yes, CEO. I will do my best.” Yoona bowed. The woman handed her some files and the address for the meeting. It seems like someone is considering to invest in their company. Sounds like a important job that no mistake would be tolerated. Yoona started to prepare herself immediately, going through the files numerous times to make sure she gets everything right at one go without mistakes. By the time she felt that she’s truly ready, it’s already almost time for her head for the meeting.

“Is this a club…? Why are we meeting in a club…” Yoona stops outside the place as written on the paper, given to her by her mother earlier on. Checking her attire one more time, she swallowed hard and steps into the club. The loud music is deafening, making her wonder if they would be able to carry out the contract explanation and signing successfully.

“ImFashion? Isn’t that run by an old hag? I don’t want to meet up with someone that I can’t play with.” A guy grumbled as he fiddles around with the contract.

“Don’t be rude. It’s for business, not for fun.” The man sitting beside him told him off sternly. “She should be arriv-“

“E-Erm… Hello… I’m from ImFashion. Are you…” Just then, the doe-eye girl appeared, looking unsure.

“Ah! Neh. I’m Choi Ho Min of Choi Apparel. This is my son, Choi Yun Suk.” The man stood up quickly and offered his hand for a shake as he introduces himself to the girl.

“I’m Im Yoona. My mother wasn’t able to come as she has another schedule that she has to attend to so she sent me as her representative.” Yoona shook the man’s hand politely before turning to the younger guy, offering her hand for a shake.

The guy grabs her hand and refuses to let go until the man shot him a glare. Yoona smiled awkwardly at them before sitting down and taking out the files they would need.

“These are the information about our company and the contract…” Yoona opens up the files and spreads it on the table carefully, explaining everything in details to the two guys as loud as she could in the noisy environment. The older guy seems really satisfied and they signed the contracts immediately. They stayed for some drinks and chitchat, though the doe-eye girl is being careful not to drink too much.

“Pardon me. Toilet break.” The older guy stood up and went off to look for the restroom. It’s then the younger guy took the chance to move closer.

“Hey.” The guy called out, breathing right onto Yoona’s neck.

“H-Hi…” Yoona tries to move away a little but he wrapped his arm around her shoulder quickly, bringing her even closer to him.

“Have a drink with me. Come on.” The guy handed her a glass of alcohol, and she took it hesitantly.

“I-I’m not really good with alcohol…” Yoona tried to find ways to not drink, knowing that he would probably get her to drink more if she went on with him immediately.

“Don’t worry. Just a bit won’t make you drunk.” He smirks, pushing the glass to her lips. She gulped and nodded, sipping on the beer but he tilted the whole glass up, causing her to drink more than she wanted.

“I’m back. Sorry.” At that moment, the older guy came back and sat between his son and the girl immediately, knowing what his son is trying to do. “Behave yourself, Yun Suk.”

“What? I’m only serving her drinks.” The younger guy protested.

“I-I-I sho- hick!” Yoona covers her mouth quickly, her face turning red from embarrassment. “S-Sorry… Hick!”

“… Maybe we should get going. I will send you back, Im Yoona ssi.” The older man gathers the files and handed them to his son, as he helps the girl up carefully. The girl couldn’t even stand up properly, let alone walk. They brought her to their car and let her into the backseat. The younger guy wanted to get in too but his father dragged him away, forcing him into the driver seat instead, getting into the front passenger seat on his own. “Im Yoona ssi, where should we send you to?”


“Im Yoona ssi?” The older man looks into the rear mirror, to see the girl asleep. “Yun Suk, you’re getting it from me later.”

“What?! I didn’t know she can’t handle alcohol well! I’m only trying to be nice.” The younger guy retorted.

“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking. You’re always the same when you see good looking girls. We will bring her back first and you better not get any closer to her.”

“… Che…” The younger guy rolled his eyes and starts up the vehicle, driving off from the carpark. They arrive back at their house, with the older guy carrying the girl on his back.

“Sooyoung!” The older guy called out and after a while, a tall girl came down from the second floor, looking puzzled. “Bring her to your room. Don’t let your brother get close to her.”

“… Did he try to play around again…” The tall girl sighed, going over to help her father with the sleeping girl. “Eh?”


“… Nothing. I… I will bring her up myself.” Sooyoung carried the girl on her back carefully, glaring at her brother when he tries to follow her, before going up the stairs and back into her own room. She puts the girl down on her bed and stares at her for a moment. “… My… My… It’s you, huh…”

Sooyoung locks the door of her bedroom and went to the bathroom to bring out a basin of water with a towel. She unbuttons the blouse of the girl and uses the wet towel to wipe the girl’s body carefully.

“Ngh….” The doe-eye girl pushes her hand away when she’s trying to clean her face.

“I’m trying to clean you up so stay still.” Sooyoung makes another attempt but the girl opens her eyes slightly at that very moment, and stares at Sooyoung with a pout. Sooyoung gulped and looked away, but to have her collar grabbed and pulled. “H-Hey…!”

“You… Cute…” Yoona whispered, and giggled to herself after which.

“Okay, I get it. I’m cute. But let me finish up with the cleaning, okay?”

“You want to see more…? Hick! Okay~” Yoona pushes her away and sat up with some trouble, pulling off her own blouse.

“H-Hey…! Stop it…!” Sooyoung wanted to stop her but things just went too far to be stopped. Yoona woke up the next morning, finding herself in an unfamiliar environment. She sits up quickly, to see her clothes and lingerie lying around. It’s then she realizes that she’s completely naked. She pulled the blanket over body quickly, but to meet with some resistance. Turning around, she almost screamed when she sees a girl lying beside her, without any clothes as well.

“W-W-What in the world…” Yoona picks up her clothes quickly and wore them back, before heading for the door. The moment she opens up, she bumped into someone. “Ah…!”

“… Tch… That cunning sister of mine…” It’s the younger guy from last night. He didn’t even bother greeting her and went down the stairs in a visibly bad mood. She stood still, not knowing what to do.

Where is she and why is that guy here in the same place as her? And most importantly, why is she naked and in bed with another girl?! She couldn’t understand anything and to make things worse, her head is hurting.

“Ah, Im Yoona ssi.” The older guy from yesterday appeared from the stairs and the doe-eye girl bowed at him quickly.

“C-Choi Ho Min ssi… I-I…” Yoona looked at her environment again before turning back the man in front of her.

“You’re in my house, Yoona ssi. That idiot son of mine got you drunk by accident and we couldn’t get your address since you’re asleep, so we brought you back instead.” The man explained with a kind smile.

“A-ah… T-The girl… W-who…” Yoona looked at the bedroom she came out from, still feeling uneasy and weird about it.

“That’s my younger daughter. I have her take care of you and kept away from my idiotic son. But seems like something happened instead…”

“S-Something happened…?” Yoona didn’t understand and somehow, she feels like she doesn’t wish to understand either.

“Morning, dad…” Just then, the door of the bedroom opened and a sleepy tall girl came out, dressed loosely in an oversized tee and shorts. She leans onto the still-confused doe-eye girl, and planted a gently kiss on the girl’s neck.

“Eek!” Yoona jumped slightly and she moved away, covering the part the girl kissed. “W-W-Wait…! You…”

“What… You are the one that started it last night…” The tall girl sighed.

“I started what…?”

“Seducing me.”


“I will leave you two on your own.” Mr. Choi went off with an awkward smile, leaving the two girls on their own.

“I was trying to clean you up but you starting pulling off everything you’re wearing and have me touch you. Do you know how hard I was trying to resist at first? But you wouldn’t stop so I couldn’t resist anymore and… It happened.” Sooyoung explained everything clearly to the girl, who is currently gaping at her, not wanting to believe anything.

“W-We went all the way…?”

“Yes, we did. Now be responsible about it.” Sooyoung clings herself to the girl, not exactly surprise to see the girl starting to tear up and cry. She ends up spending the next ten minutes trying to comfort the girl.

Yoona refuses the offer to stay and have breakfast with them politely, wanting to go back home immediately.

“I will drive you back.” Sooyoung followed her out. Though she didn’t really want to, she nodded. Both of them got on the car and shortly after they hit the road, Sooyoung glances at the quiet girl beside her. “You do remember me, don’t you?”

“… Neh…” Yoona nodded, still feeling awkward and uncomfortable with the girl, especially after what they did.

“You were saying that you finally found me last night. What was that about?”

“… I-I… I tried looking for you after that time when I first met you in Jeju… But I didn’t get any result from the search for one whole month until now…” Yoona replied, her face turning redder as she speaks on. Sooyoung noticed that and chuckled, making the girl even more embarrassed.

“You like me?”

“… I-I-I…”

“I was looking for you too, to be honest.” Sooyoung confessed.

“Eh…?” Yoona looks at her, not believing her ears.

“I woke up the next day to find out that you were gone. So I came back and searched for all the photography studios with no result. Man, you’re one tricky girl. I really thought you’re a photographer on a trip. But it turns out that you’re the daughter of the CEO to that famous fashion company.”

“… I-I just like taking photographs of the things I like…! I-I did want to become a professional but I need to succeed my mother’s company…”

“Ah… I see. I guess we are fated then? Looking at how we managed to find each other again.” Sooyoung grins as she pulls over outside the company of the girl. “Anyway…”


“You like taking photographs of the things you like? But you took a photo of me.” Sooyoung leans over, cupping Yoona’s cheek with her hand gently. “Is that your answer to my question earlier?”

“I-I-I should go…!” Yoona opens the car door and went out quickly. Her own apartment is in the building right beside the company and she decided to do a quick wash up before going back to work. Sooyoung followed after her immediately.

“Im Yoona.” The moment Yoona steps into the apartment, a stern voice causes her to freeze up in fear.

“M-Mum…? W-Why are you-” Yoona answered timidly, knowing that her mother is angry at her for not informing her about the result of the meeting and not coming back home for the night. She doesn’t live with her mother but the fact that she’s only entering the house at this time showed everything clearly.

“WHERE DID YOU RUN TO? DID YOU GO AND TAKE SOME STUPID PHOTOS AGAIN?” The woman bellowed at the terrified doe-eye girl.

“M-Mum, I-I can expla-“


“Mrs. Im?” At that moment, Sooyoung appeared behind Yoona suddenly, hugging the girl from the back to serve some comfort. “She did not fool around last night. I’m Choi Sooyoung of the Choi Apparel. She was with me the whole time.”

“A… Ah… Choi Sooyoung ssi, nice to meet you. Is the meeting…” The woman got up from the sofa quickly to greet the girl.

“Yes, Mrs. Im. We are satisfied with your terms and conditions, and the contracts are signed. This is our part of the contract, signed by my father and Yoona ssi.” Sooyoung pulled out a file from her bag and handed it to the woman, who took it and looked through it briefly. “Sadly, my dumbass oppa tried something funny and got your poor daughter drunk after the signing. We weren’t able to get her address from her and we end up taking her in for the night.”

“Ah… I’m sorry for the troubles you went through… Thanks for taking care of her.”

“No worries. She wasn’t hard to satisfied.” Sooyoung grins and the doe-eye girl blushed instantly. Sooyoung noticed that and decided to tease her a little. “Why are you blushing? I didn’t mean anything else, you know.”

“I-I-I know…!” Yoona retorted. “I-I’m sorry, mum… I should have called you right after we signed the contract…”

“… It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Sorry for shouting at you without letting you explain yourself first. I will let you have today off to rest. Don’t let me catch you running about with the camera, okay?” The woman pats her daughter on the head gently. “Thank you again, Choi Sooyoung ssi. I will see you next time.”

With that, the woman left the apartment with the contract. Yoona let out a huge sigh as she slumps onto the sofa. Sooyoung sat down beside her and pulled her closer, letting her lean against her.

“Tired?” Sooyoung asked, stroking the girl’s hair gently. The girl nodded, letting out a yawn right away. “Go ahead and sleep.”

“… I want to bathe first…” Yoona got up again but Sooyoung held her back.

“Say, are we together now?”

“H-Huh…?” Yoona’s face turns red immediately after hearing that. “I-I-Isn’t that too fast…? W-We only know each other’s name…”

“Araso. Let’s name our relationship as friends first then.” Sooyoung grins, letting go of the girl’s hand. Yoona nodded briefly with her face completely red and walks away, going into her own room to grab some clothes and towel, before heading to the bathroom. “Should I scrub your back for you?”

“N-N-No…! I-I can handle it myself…” Yoona became flustered as she enters the bathroom and shuts the door, locking it. Sooyoung chuckled, finding it cute.

“… I wonder if she has anything in her fridge…” Sooyoung got up and entered the kitchen, to peek into the fridge. “Ah. Perfect. There’re things that I need.”

Sooyoung brings out the ingredients she needed and laid them out on the kitchen counter. She prepared them skillfully and just when the doe-eye girl is done with her bath, she’s done with whatever she’s cooking.

“S-Sooyoung ssi…?” Yoona came into the kitchen with the towel over her shoulders, her hair wet.

“Ah~! Perfect timing. Come.” Sooyoung went over to pull the girl to the dining table, settling her down. She served the girl a bowl of soup together with a bowl of rice, sitting down beside the girl with the same thing. “You drank too much yesterday and it seems like you aren’t feeling too good when you wake up. So I made some beansprout soup for your hangover. I hope it’s edible.”

“Thank you.” Yoona smiled, taking a sip of the soup. “It’s delicious.”



“Thank goodness.” Sooyoung let out a sigh of relief, taking a sip herself. “I guess I did a pretty good job on my first try.”

“It’s your first time? I thought you had been doing this for a few times for your oppa since it’s this good…”

“That idiot only gets girls drunk and not himself.” Sooyoung replied, leaning closer. “But maybe I have to thank him this time…”

“W-Why…?” Yoona blushed, trying to focus her full attention on her food instead of the girl beside her but with the girl breathing on her neck, it’s kind of hard.

“Why can’t we just date, Yoona? We like each other, don’t we? Some lovers started out with just knowing each other’s names only as well.” Sooyoung slides her hand onto Yoona’s cheek, getting her to face her. Yoona glances to the side instead, avoiding eye contact. “… You’re really cute, Yoona…”

“… You are the cute one…” Yoona blushed.

“Can I kiss you?”

“… … H-H-How do I say no if you’re asking me in such sexy tone…?” Yoona’s face turns even redder. Sooyoung chuckled and leans closer, ready to put her lips onto Yoona’s when the front door opens up suddenly.

“Ms. I- Ah. Sorry.” It’s her secretary, probably here to deliver some files to her, as instructed by her mother. The woman closes the door after seeing what’s going on in the kitchen from the front door. Yoona hurried over to open the door again, but to see the woman gone and the files lying outside, on the floor.

“Who’s that?” Sooyoung came over, hugging Yoona from behind as the girl closes the door.

“My secretary…” Yoona sighed.

“She’s sensible.”

“W-What do you mean by that…”

“Well, she left us alone immediately without any question.”

“… I-I guess… She’s capable…”

“Shall we continue?”

“M-M-My soup is getting cold…” Yoona breaks away from Sooyoung’s embrace immediately and sat back down at the dining table, putting the files aside. Sooyoung sat down beside her. Ever since then, Sooyoung had always being visiting Yoona daily, be it at the office or at the apartment.

“Did you wait for very long?” Yoona came down from her office after work one day, to see Sooyoung waiting at the lobby.

“Nope. I was almost late.” Sooyoung plants a kiss on Yoona’s forehead gently and at that moment, Yoona’s mother appears suddenly, seeing that clearly. “A-Ah… Mrs. Im… Good evening.”

“You’re frequenting our office a lot and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong about the cooperation between our companies…” The woman sighed.

“Ah haha… Nope. I just wanted to see her, that’s all.” Sooyoung hugged the girl. “I don’t deal with the company’s cooperation stuff at all. My oppa is the one that’s succeeding it in the end so he’s the one taking care of it together with my father.”

“I don’t really find Choi Yunsuk ssi that reliable, to be very honest…” The woman let out another sigh, looking really concerned. “Like how you said he tried to…” And she looks at her own daughter worriedly.

“My father punished him for that and he’s getting better now. Don’t worry.” Sooyoung grins. “And I would be around to clear up the mess if any, too. I’m the cleaner for his mess, most of the time.”

“Shall we grab dinner together or should I leave you two to yourself?”

“It would be a pleasure to eat with you, madam.”

“Yoona doesn’t look too happy about it though.” The woman smirks as she eyes her daughter, who turns away immediately, feeling embarrassed. “I’m just kidding around. I have dinner meeting with a client. See you tomorrow, Choi Sooyoung ssi and you, my ungrateful daughter.”

“U-U-Ungrateful…?!” Yoona stares at her mother who merely grins at her and walked off. The doe-eye girl looks at the taller girl beside her blankly and the latter chuckled, ruffling her hair before ushering her towards the exit. “By the way…”

“Yes, baby?” Sooyoung opens the door of her car for the doe-eye girl.

“Can you do me a favor?” Yoona waited for Sooyoung to get into the car first before continuing.

“I will do anything for you as long as it’s within my limit, baby.”

“… B-Be the model for the next line of clothing we are pushing out…”


“I-I was reviewing the designs yesterday and somehow you keep on appearing in my mind when I look at the clothes. I think it will look really good if you’re the one wearing them so…” Yoona fiddles with her fingers as she explains. Sooyoung stares at her for a while before leaning closer and planting a kiss on her lips. “Soo…”

“I’m not a professional model though.”

“… I-It’s okay… The director, which is my mother, will guide you.”

“What about you?”

“I-I… I’m not part of the photo shoot… I’m in charge of looking through the designs and getting the designers to make changes…”

“I will only agree if you do it with me.”

“E-Ehhh?! B-But we are not going to show any loveline thing in the photos…”

“What’s the theme?”

“… L-Love…”


“But we are not going to have two models for the shoot…”

“You can be the photographer. Love between the model and photographer, sounds great.” Sooyoung smirks, moving herself even closer to the doe-eye girl and feasting on the girl’s lips gently.

“… I don’t know if my mother will approve of it… She’s not supportive of my photography stuff…” Yoona pushes Sooyoung away slightly, letting out a sigh.

“I will convince her.” Sooyoung replied, giving Yoona another kiss.


“Yes, baby… Shall we go now? I’m pretty hungry.”



“Now, gaze at the camera with as much love as possible.” The woman commanded. The model did as told, staring past the camera and at the photographer with a gaze filled with love. She looks as though she’s yearning for the photographer. The woman couldn’t be more satisfied with the result.

The comments she get a few days after the photos are published in their magazine are positive. The audiences could almost feel the love from the photos and their products became even more popular.

“Who’s it?” The woman asked, when someone came knocking on the door of her office.

“It’s me, Mrs. Im. With Yoona too.” It’s Sooyoung.

“Come in.” The woman gives her permission for the girls to enter and the door open immediately. The two girls took their seats in front of the woman, waiting patiently for whatever she’s going to say. She called them in after all. “It’s about the recent photo shoot that you two did together.”

“H-How is it…?” Yoona sat up straight immediately, feeling anxious about the results. Sooyoung managed to convince her mother to let them take the model and photographer role that time, with the promise that Yoona will stop doing her photography if the results turn out bad. Reason being, if she couldn’t even photograph something that she loves dearly properly, there’s no reason for her to even try to pursue it professionally.

“… Yoona…” The woman sighed, taking out a file and dropping it in front of the girl. Her grim expression makes her daughter nervous. Yoona picks up the file quickly and looked through it. Sooyoung leans over and looks at it together with the doe-eye girl. Smiles appear on their faces as they read through all the positive comments they got. “I’m convinced. But that doesn’t mean you can neglect the company for your hobby, Yoona.”

“M-Mum… I won’t… The reason why this went well is all because of Soo…” Yoona turns to the tall girl beside her with a gentle smile, and the girl returns it with a sweet smile. “I… I have decided…”


“I… I will only do photography with Soo. We have talked about it earlier before coming to meet you. She decided to help us with the modeling whenever we need to and I will be the photographer. I realize that… Only with Soo, I truly enjoy what I do…” Yoona puts down the file and grabs Sooyoung’s hand, holding it tightly. “Honestly, I forget about photography totally ever since I met her…”

“Really? So I don’t need to give you a week of vacation every three months anymore, do I?” The woman smirks.

“I-I still need those vacations…!”

“But isn’t Sooyoung enough for you?”

“Can’t I have a long vacation to go enjoy with her?” Yoona pouted. “Don’t be so stingy about the vacation, mum.”

“Yes, madam. I want to bring Yoona with me whenever I go for a holiday. How can I go on a holiday without my plaything?” Sooyoung steps into the conversation with a grin.

“Plaything?!” Yoona stares at her with her eyes wide opened.

“You sure you want me to explain that in front of your mother?”

“W-W-We aren’t going to do anything on bed…! Don’t listen to her, mum!”

“We can do it on the floor too. Sofa is good too.”


“It’s sure nice being young and active…” The woman faked a sigh as she grins at her embarrassed daughter.